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"Smart Kids" Report - the first study in Poland focusing on kids in the mobile world

In spite of the fact that summer is a perfect time for outdoor activities, it also means holidays and a lot of free time for our children. Kids having plenty of time at their disposal frequently spend some of it looking at telephone or computer screens. The borders between outdoor activities and playing on a mobile device are slowly vanishing, as exemplified by a recently popular game Pokemon Go. Taking advantage of the holiday time it is worth looking into how our offspring cope in the mobile world. In cooperation with Comecode and Mobile Institute we have conducted the first study in Poland focusing on children in the mobile world and the outcome of this study is the “Smart Kids” report. The result of this study finally reveal what kind of users our kids are, which so far has been ignored in most analyses.
If you are interested in the results of our study you can download the report (in Polish) at