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Digital Virgo for Orange Warsaw Festival

As every year we are all waiting for the next edition of the Orange Warsaw Festival. For many years this event has been proving that a Polish festival can meet the same standards as the biggest events in the world. What does Digital Virgo have in common with the Orange Warsaw Festival? 
This year again Orange clients will receive a surprise gift connected with the event i.e. cheaper tickets to the festival. Digital Virgo is responsible for distribution service of discount codes allowing to purchase a cheaper ticket. The discount may be obtained through three channels: SMS, IVR phone call or internet website.
What exactly is our responsibility ?
  1. We have created an SMS service,
  2. We send codes ordered via IVR,
  3. We have created the website.
Due to the fact that the Orange Warsaw Festival is an interesting initiative we are more than happy to make our own contribution to the possibility of buying cheaper ticket and the entire project in general.