How mobile can make functioning of businesses easier

The influence of smart phones on our society has been visible for quite a long time. Mobile devices are used on a daily basis – ranging from alarm clocks through calculators to photo processing applications or NFC used as a payment card. Can versatility of mobile devices prove useful in all lines of business? How can mobile solutions be utilized e.g. in the construction business? In cooperation with Lafarge we have managed to create an interesting solution - on the basis of a case study from our field – and we would like to demonstrate that similar functionalities may be implemented in businesses conducting other types of economic activities.



Envelo application - way for a modern-day holiday postcard

Summertime is finally in the full bloom.  Your holiday at work has been approved long time ago, accommodation has been booked and you are taking your family for a well-deserved rest. Once upon a time holiday makers used to send postcards from a holiday center – ugly and faded but that was the only thing available. Nowadays, when the tradition of sending holiday postcards is slowly disappearing the Polish Post is trying to revive this beautiful custom of sending greetings from holiday destinations. What’s more they make use of modern-day technologies. Thanks to Neocard (one of the options available in Envelo application which belongs to the Polish Post Digital Services) it is possible to send a cutting-edge and personalized postcard to addressees in Poland and abroad. It is a wonderful solution so we are proud to be a part of this process. It is Digital Virgo that provides the solution allowing to make payments in the application quickly and easily. 



How beacons and application can support HR

Recently we wrote about using beacons on Purple Day. However, this time we would like to share with you the idea how to use this technology in an entirely different way. Apart from shopping centers, warehouses, shops, events etc. beacons can also be useful in... an office. Calamari, for which we have designed a mobile application, provides an excellent example of such a solution.